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Thursday 9 October 2008

Hello and welcome

Salaam Alah’yakum. I am a Secondary School teacher and I am staying in Asni for a few months. The weather here is freezing, but so far my experience has been so great that most of the day I don’t notice. When you average 150 kisses a day (as I do here in Asni), it doesn’t matter what the weather holds – even though it is really cold! Oh, yeah – I’m from Australia, so surviving in the cold is not one of my strong points.
Along with plenty of kisses on their return from their weekend, I received this box of apples and walnuts, two of the main products of this area. Lovely!

This is just a quick intro to let you know who I am and to say thanks for your support of this project so far. It can be hard to know what you contribute to when you raise funds from a distance, but I hope to show you the everyday benefits of your hard work for these girls!

From all of us in Asni… THANK YOU!!!!! (Shukran bezzef in Arabic!)