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Monday 2 August 2010

C'est les vacances!!!

That’s all! It’s holidays! The girls left the house in June.

And we had a lot of things to do with the housemothers!

Let’s star with the girls’ selection for next year. We had to choose 10 more girls for Dar Tinmel…It was a real adventure! During one week, we visited the rural villages around Talat N’Yacoub. Some of them were really really far and in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t imagine that people could live in such areas. Now I can say that Talat N’Yacoub is a real city!

All the same, when you enter in those villages you can immediately feel the happiness in the locals’ life.
We talked with the teachers of the primary schools, and made a first list of the girls.
It was interesting to talk with them and see how the schools are managed.

At the same time, we visited the houses of the girls who stayed in Dar Tinmel this year. They were all so exited, proud to show us their home and a little bit shy in front of their family and their neighbour. We had a real good time lots of fun with Khadija, Latifa and Nicola who joined us!!

Then some days later the girls that we selected came at Dar Tinmel with their parents, we talked with them, and they passed a little test. It was a real success, we expected around 11 girls but we didn’t know that everybody around Talat N’Yacoub talked about our selection. So much that more than 20 girls came at Dar Tinmel to pass the tests!

And after all, we choose 11 new girls for next year! It was hard to choose between all these sweet girls but we tried to be fair in our selection. And we are all impatient to meet them in September, inchallah!!

In the meantime, we had the girls’ results in Talat N’Yacoub and Dar Asni. Only one girl in Talat N’Yacoub didn’t pass, and unfortunately she won’t come back next year with us. In Asni 3 girls of the last year didn’t pass. On the whole most of the girls passed and almost all the girls improved their marks during this year! And that’s a real success!

To finish this year, Dar Tinmel was happy to welcome its first schools visits!

The International School of Madrid and the school from Marlborough came to visit Dar Tinmel.

When the International School of Madrid came to visit us, the girls were on holidays but they wanted to come back at Talat N’Yacoub to see and welcome their visitors.

It was a beautiful day for everybody; the school, with the girls, painted the walls in the house. And thanks to them, the girls have computers and new tables and shelves for next year!!

The second visit was on July 11th, a school from Marlborough came to visit the house and learn more about our project. Unfortunately the girls couldn’t be there but the school wanted to do something and leave a memory of their visit to the girls, so they finished what the school of Madrid began and painted the rest of the wall.

We hope that everything will go well next year, with more girls and a new house.

You will have more news in September…