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Thursday 16 October 2008

The first 12 hours... a recap

Well, I've been in the house for less than 12 hours, and here is what has happened so far:

- I've been dressed up in a hijab twice

- I've watched prayers towards Mecca to Allah twice (hence the hijab)

- I've braved the Asni souq with Latifah

- I've scaled and gutted my first fish (I'm wondering why it took me 26 years to do this) and then I did 10 more for dinner

- The girls have been walking around practising all afternoon "My name is (insert relevant name). I am (insert age) years old."

- I have been wandering around practising "Niki gha sessem Linda. Darli sta'washreen am."

- We have been through the days of the week, most of the colours and come here, sit down and stand up - in English for the girls and Arabic and Berber for me!

- The girls have pointed out every view from every vantage point on the terrace - they love it up there

- I've had four cups of mint tea!

- We've cooked, cleaned, eaten, cooked some more, cleaned, eaten some more - all on the new stove top and with their adoration for everything in the house evident in the care taken when cleaning

- I've managed to distract each and every girl from their work at some point in the day with either: translating from English to French to Berber; naming things in English or French or Berber; carrying on conversations based solely on gesticulations etc.

The house is amazing. Latifa and Alima do an incredible job of looking after the girls (who are abundantly happy). The girls are absolute sponges - absorbing everything and learning so much every minute.