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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Two days of fun with the girlguiding UK

  • We had the opportunity to welcome the 27th and the 28th of October 2010 the girlguiding UK for their annual visit. Those two days were full of activities, motivation and enjoyment. The first day, we made two groups, one in charge of painting jars of garden with flashy colours and the other one was explaining to the girls of Dar Asni how to sew and decorate a bag, make key rings with pearls and realize plastic decorative objects which reflect the light. The girls really appreciated it as they love colours, discovering new things and new people. The fact that the girlguiding are older than the girls of Dar Asni was a huge asset because they were like their big sisters and the organisation worked very well! Even if there was the language barrier, it was not a difficulty for the girlguiding to understand what the girls wanted to do, to explain to them how to play typical English games and so on!!!

    The second day was dedicated to Halloween. We fund it interesting to make the girls discover Halloween and to explain to them what is its sense. While one group was continuing manual activities with the girls and making Halloween frieze, the other one were filling pots with flowers and cactus bought for the occasion. Then, after eating a delicious fish tajine we started emptying the pumpkin and making a cake with the flesh. It was really funny because nobody had ever made this recipe! Well, after a certain hesitation and confusion…we finally did it! It is a pity you did not stay longer girls to taste it! And what about the empty pumpkins? Well, we put candles inside and placed them in front of the door. When the girls came back from the school late in the afternoon, we all took photos all around the pumpkins.

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