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Monday 20 October 2008

I spent the weekend with Latifa in Marrakech. We headed into town in a grand Mercedes taxi. These are shared between at least 6 people, plus the driver, and they work out a lot cheaper than other forms of transport. We went to Latifa’s sister’s house to stay for the night before meeting with Maryk, who helped us to buy school equipment for the girls. We utterly filled a trolley, and the total bill blew my mind (BUT this is coming from someone who only ever shops for one - not 18!!).

Whoa! Hold on?? Were we taking all of this with us back to Asni in a shared taxi? No! Latifa called a cousin of a friend and we were on our way.

We put the books into bags, so that when girls arrived this morning they were able to collect a bag and then promptly empty it to examine the contents! The girls were so thrilled. They immediately filled their schoolbags, and then they sat down to copy their homework from their old books into the new ones. They are using lovely neat writing and a range of colours and there are some very neat lines going on with their new rulers!

The flurry of excitement was fantastic, and we have some footage of them unpacking, carrying and saying thank you in French and English.