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Tuesday 9 November 2010

We made it to the summit!!

Living in Asni without climbing the Toubkal…it wasn’t conceivable. We always had an excuse…too tired…too hot in the summer…no time…But this time we were really motivated and last week end (30 & 31 October) we made it, Latifa (Dar Asni house mother), Fairouze (volunteer) and I!! We were lucky because the Kasbah took care of us, and we had a great guide (thank you Mike and Hajj Maurice :) )

We left Dar Asni early in the morning on Saturday 30th to have breakfast in the Kasbah and we left Imlil at 10.00 am. We had a beautiful weather, the first hours were easy and we really appreciate the beautiful landscape. We had a sweet tea at Sidi Chamharouch and we stopped for lunch almost an hour after this place.

The Kasbah team was dealing with the food and as it was a trek we were expecting sandwiches…but they did much better!!! We had a real lunch with a delicious mixed salad and so and so…that we were full and can not get up and continue our trek :)
But we did and the afternoon was harder, we were tired, and change would have it that I was sick during the week end…grrrrrr

We were continually asking to the guide “where is the refuge?!” and he was continually answering “just here, behind this mountain” “yallah, yallah” :(
And we were so happy to see the refuge finally; around 4.30 pm…we were already proud of us even if we hadn’t done the hardest part…
The refuge was full of people from different countries and it was interesting to discuss with them around the fire-place.
We slept early…heuuuuu…Latifa slept early, she snored all through the night whereas Fairouze and I were trying to sleep…and we slept at 5 am but it was too late we had to get up to leave the refuge at
And the climbing was really hard, the higher we climb the colder it becomes. We stopped several times and I can’t remember how many “yallah, yallah” I've heard from our guide!!! Poor guide, he will remember us :)
But he really impressed us; he was running on the mountain! It was crazy!!

We finally reached the top at 10.00 am! The wind was really strong but once in the summit we forgot everything and we just appreciate this amazing and so beautiful landscape around us…the guide once again surprised us because he took a lot of food out of his bag: bread, fruits, dates… :)

It was easier going down and we were back to Imlil at 7.00 pm. We spent the night in Imlil and on Monday morning we were back to Dar Asni where the girls were waiting for us :)
It was a good experience and we’ll do it again, we would run this time like our guide did :)