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Monday 3 November 2008

All by myself!!!!

Another very busy week! On Wednesday, Maryk and her friend Zoe came out to visit the house. The girls were very impressed and so excited by the visitors as well as all of the gifts they came bearing… It was evident this weekend would bring some cooking adventures with our new oven. It was also a brilliant day for me as I received a huge bag of the warmest clothes I have ever owned from Mike's wife! THANKS!!!

Anyway, Latifa suggested that she needed to go to Marrakech to sort out her nationality card, so Maryk advised her to leave me in charge and go the next day! So, to start the day off calmly, at 7.30 am the Governor ‘popped’ by for an unannounced visit! It was HUGE! There was heaps of pressure to make the breakfast seem amazing and to show that we are doing the right thing by the girls. After he entered the house, with a hot coffee in his hands, he spoke with the girls about his expectations of them and reminded them that he will be back after their examinations to make sure they are working hard.

Latifa left after the chaos had dissipated and the daily house cleaning flood was over. With my rapidly expanding Moroccan recipe book, I managed to prepare a haricot bean soup (basically baked beans), a fish and potato casserole (with plenty of spices) and a fruit salad for the 19 of us. The girls were impressed, and so was I! No disasters, and in the midst of the preparations, I managed to field the bread delivery and a visit from Mike and Gareth. Latifa runs such a tight ship, it was easy(ish) to step in. I won’t be in a hurry to do it again – big shoes to fill!

We also had a visit from Maurice who came with gifts of wood for our fire. Negotiations (in Arabic) took place and a deal was struck with the boys’ boarding house that if they helped us move the wood, they could use some. Three hours later and the wood still piled at the front gate, with ominous rain clouds looming overhead, I sent the girls out to move the wood. Of course, minutes later they were sent back inside and the boys came over – the rain started just as the last blocks were being stored safely out of the weather. I’m learning!

The next day, feeling a bit of household prowess, I cooked a really nice carrot cake with orange icing. All of the girls liked it – miracle! I also used walnuts from one of the girls.