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Tuesday 7 December 2010

One week in Dar Tinmel

As I am volunteer at Dar Asni, I decided to spend a few days in the second house « Dar Tinmel » located at Talat N’Yacoub so as to get acquainted with the 20 girls there.
Talat N’Yacoub is at about 50km far from Asni and it is a village more isolated than Asni.
This week allows me to discover the organisation at “Dar Tinmel” but also to learn more about this area. Indeed, this place has got a lot of historical monuments and ruins such as Tinmel Mosque monuments dating the dynasty of Almohad. What most amazed me it is the fact that these monuments are in the wild state, without barriers of protection or entrance fee while the slightest historic stone in France would have been surrounded from everywhere!!!

What about the girls? Well, “Dar Tinmel” is not as big as “Dar Asni”; the city is more anchored in mountains, and those facts present assets but also bad points. Let’s speak about the negative side before! Power cuts, cuts of water, interruption of transport in case of plentiful rain and this can last all day long…with 20 girls in the house…imagine…
But it was also funny because we have to bring some water from the hammam: Karima, Khadija and me, in the rain with our buckets of water and wading in the mud, what a beautiful memory isn’t it girls!
Let’s speak about the positive points and there is a lot! First of all, the kisses. Well, I do not remember having made so many kisses of all my life! The girls kiss you the morning to say hello, then another kiss when they go to school then another when they come back to home and so on, 20 multiplied by 5, 6 or 7, in brief, you must be strong in mathematics! Moreover, the girls are really united, friendly and studious, and otherwise be not worried, the hurricane Khadija is there to make the order reign, isn’t it Khadija?

I really enjoy spending my time with the girls, playing houla houp and dancing on the terrace, going to the souk with them and having fun near the river! There are so many things to be said and to be lived at Dar Tinmel and Talat N’Yacoub. Thank you all: the girls, the two Khadijas and my friend Karima.