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Tuesday 25 November 2008

The Lunch - What a Success!

On Sunday, we held a fantastic fundraising lunch for the organisation in Marrakech. The guest list was full of inspiring people, and we spent the day enthralled in a range of interesting conversations. I have not spoken so much English so fast and for so long in about 2 months, so during my presentation my voice started to fail! I’m a teacher for goodness sake! Oh, well! I’ll have to get back into some vocal training. I did actually wake up today with a cold - this may be to blame!

The guests included members of the association, sponsors, donors, potential donors, and interested parties from Morocco and abroad. Besides consuming a delicious feast, we spent a lot of time discussing the future of the girls and assessing the goals of the project. It was a really insightful debate.

So, returning from the lunch, I have set a few things in action:
- In the Informatique lessons this week, the girls are practising their typing whilst writing a letter to me to tell me how they see their lives at the age of twenty.
- In the English lessons, I am teaching the girls the French and English names of the most used utensils as well as teaching them the recipes of their two favourite cakes (and the icing)
- In order to counteract the last point, I have had contact from an agency regarding applying for a visit from some dental specialists (this will take a lot of coordination, so I am gearing up).

Finally, Latifa and I have instigated a house calendar, through which we have allocated each girl one Friday night to cook us her favourite dinner recipe from her home. I can’t wait! (And neither can the girls!)

Oh, and another addition to the family! We don’t know any details yet, but Khadija’s mother has had her baby… in Imsker… at home with Granny’s help!!!!!!!!!!!