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Monday 17 November 2008

When in Marrakech...

On Friday, the house was abuzz after I received a package from my friend in Australia! You cannot even fathom how long we spent, and how much fun we had, going through the Woolworths (like Sainsbury’s) brochure! I explained everything to Latifa – the most interesting parts were the loaves of bread, the cold meats for sandwiches and the orange juice in a bottle (imagine it – why not just squeeze it yourself!!). But, the piece de la resistance was the cooked chicken. Imagine buying the chicken already cooked! What did you do all morning???!! Whoa!!

Excitement aside, on Saturday Latifa and I went to Marrakech. We bought some reading books for the girls and some items for the house. We bought a range of books – from the more basic Arabic books for the girls who come only speaking Berber, to some advanced Arabic romance novels (my desire to learn Arabic just stepped up a notch), to some French stories for young adults. Coupled with this, we have also had a delivery of more advanced French books from Mike. You can imagine it, I’m sure – something for me to organise – so I have spent the day recording the details of the books and cataloguing them. I’ve decided we’re going to go all out and have a library style borrowing system, followed by a Friday night book club. Each week, a girl will be chosen at random to tell about the book that she is reading!

Latifa and I also needed to buy some containers to assist in the reduction of food waste. We are working on our stocktake and ordering to minimise wastage – I’ll keep you posted! Since the delivery of the oven, we have saved an average of 25 dirhams a day as we are able to reheat the bread from the previous day.

Lastly, when my mum and I were in Marrakech, I kept on trying to get her to try snail soup. Last night, the situation was reversed, so I poked my sharp little stick into the side of my half dead victim. When in Marrakech, after all. Just as I went to put it into my mouth, it poked out its eyes and opened its frighteningly human mouth. It was actually very tasty, but I couldn’t come at drinking the broth of salty snail water that it came in.