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Wednesday 5 November 2008

Weekends are the best

On Friday night, two of the girls went home for a wedding in their village. So, to celebrate, we staged a mock wedding here in the house. I must go to a wedding because some very strange events took place. The bride was totally covered when she arrived, all of the guests had glitter and lipstick on, and there was a celebrant (I wonder if this is accurate with village life?). There was an exchange of rings and the drinking of pretend liquid (do they drink alcohol in the villages?) and a lot of singing and dancing. It was really fun – and a late night!

During the week, when I had a visit from Mike, he invited me up to the Kasbah on Saturday. I jumped at the chance for a break, and it turned into a lovely weekend! Such a treat. To top it all off, it snowed…SNOW! Real snow, falling from the sky, building up on the ground! It was so quiet! I love being in the house, but the spoil was fantastic!

So, here I am, back in the house. I made cupcakes with the girls on Sunday afternoon – you should have heard the gasps and seen the jaws drop when they saw the cakes had risen! Knowing my cooking record in Australia, you may have had the same reaction! They were iced with chocolate icing and smarties and jelly lollies. One of the girls shared her family recipe (thanks for the idea, Maryk) and made a more sensible banana cake to accompany the cupcakes.