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Tuesday 25 November 2008

When is my birthday??

Today was Fatima Boustta’s birthday. I discovered this during the week in my English lessons as I have been working on the months of the year, birthdays and ages. I was concerned when some of the girls said that they have no idea when their birthday’s are, and even more surprised to find that a number of them are born on the 01/01 or 12/12 or 10/10 (a customary procedure in Morocco). They’re pretty sure of their year of birth, but the actual day is not recorded precisely. So, we set about having a big celebration. It was Saturday, souq day, so one stall in particular faired well from this special occasion. Fatima received 15 lucky dip boxes from said stall (1 Dh each), therefore receiving an average of 4 of each item. She was thrilled!

During the day, we played in the yard with the sports equipment that we have – some hackey sacks, two balls, some markers and a skipping rope. I love moments like this when Latifa will open up some unknown part of the house, drag out some fantastic materials and say, ‘What’s this? So and So gave me this, and I don’t know what’s this for?’ It’s hilarious, but exactly the same as if anyone sent me half of the things you find floating around the souqs. They have a clear purpose but it is a mystery to the outsider. So, after a few demos of the equipment (thank God they don’t know how it is actually supposed to look) the girls were off and racing. They don’t often go outside, and it’s the first time they have really played, so Latifa and I left them to it. Not even a visit from our lovely guests Clare, Vivian and Helen (and Monsieur Mike) could distract them!

After dinner, I treated the girls to a long slideshow of all of the photos and film clips I have taken whilst in the house, as I had a projector for the charity lunch on Sunday. They were so excited and they all wanted to know how the projector works. They loved the photos and were in hysterics over the films! We then sang a few versions of Happy Birthday, opened the gifts and then ate the cake. It was such a fantastic day – Fatima was absolutely glowing!