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Tuesday 2 December 2008

Annie in a headscarf

This weekend, the girls stayed dans la maison as they are going home next week for the Aid holiday. They have had a big two weeks at school, with lots of exams, so they were thrilled to have a very welcome house guest on Saturday night. They had bought some new clothes at the souq for the Aid, so as soon as Sam from Eagles Nest arrived, she was treated to some of the girls singing and dancing in their new outfits.

The girls were thrilled to spend the day with Sam learning first aid and CPR. I spent the day up at the Kasbah promoting the organisation, so I missed out on all of the fun! But, when I got back… The girls were all wound up in bandages, they were having a ball learning all of the ways to help people, and they were all fighting fit in a battle of the bandages! They learnt so much – most of which they had never seen or heard before. They loved Resusci-Annie, and the bandages. We even had our own little emergencies (real life) which were able to test out Sam’s skilled. With a bit of TLC, the injuries are now cured – thanks to Sam’s first aid prowess. The gifts that Sam brought with her have provided hours of fun – especially the balls and the globes! The world is a huge place! We also now have lovely new posters up on our walls.

We had a special menu over the weekend of all of the Moroccan favourites – mesmen, harira, a tagine and couscous – oh – and don’t forget the mint tea – plenty of it! The girls were so excited – for the whole weekend – that by Sunday night they were utterly exhausted! On Monday, when they came home from school to find that Sam was not here to share lunch with us, their faces fell and it made for a very sad occasion! Thank you, Sam! You’ve made a HUGE impact on the girls!