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Thursday 18 December 2008


Well… You may have thought the bloodshed was just reserved for the Eid, but wait… Today, we got a gift.

Some clues…

They are long and thin…

They are soft and hard…

They cause a little pain, but for a good result…

They can be tricky to hold…

And… You can use them to flick little flecks of toothpaste at other people!

That’s right! Toothbrushes!!!

Latifa and I lined the girls up and gave them all a brush. This was followed by me giving a demo on how it’s done. This was a little tricky – speaking with toothpaste in mouth and trying to translate!

The girls then set about cleaning their own teeth. They find it really difficult to hold the toothbrush, and when they use a nice circular motion, there is LOTS of blood. A little bit of gum disease, but hopefully the brushes will sort some of that out.

They couldn’t believe it when I cleaned behind my front teeth, but when they tried it, and worked out they could flick toothpaste at each other, they all clean behind them now!!!

Then, they came up and made me inspect their teeth one-by-one. For some of them, they actually have white teeth under all of that yellow build up!!!

They were so grateful!!!!! Thank you!!!