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Thursday 12 February 2009


Last weekend, the girls were presented with new awards according to their participation in the life of the house. We feel it is important to teach the girls household skills and how to be good citizens and to reward them for their efforts.

The awards went like this:
The Best Bedroom – Number One – Khadija Aithmed, Nezha, Fatiha and Atika
The Girl with No Marks – Fatima Bachki
The Cleanest Cupboard – Khadija Aithmed and Nezha
The Cleanest Clothes – Zahra
The Best House Cleaner – Zahra
The Most Helpful in the Kitchen - Fatima Bachki, Khadija Aithmed and Fatiha
The Kindest Girl – Hayat and Hasna
The First to Get Ready in the Morning – Hayat, Fatiha and Khadija Taib
The Most Punctual – Souad
The Most Studious - Khadija Aithmed
The Best in English – Mouna

The day started with everyone heading to school or the souk. Then, everyone cleaned the house thoroughly and we had the lunch that I had prepared whilst Latifa and the new cook Latifa were at the souk sourcing yummy vegetables for the week.

After lunch, the girls had to fully clean the house (again) and then get ready for the awards. The girls dressed themselves in their finest clothes as they were very excited about the proceedings. They applied makeup, and some of them even went without their hijab! A very special occasion indeed.

We started with some tea and halwa, then the awards were presented and then some tributes and singing were given by the girls. I was very impressed by the organisation the Latifa put into the awards and celebrating the girls and their efforts.