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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Walk to Tinmel

Tuesday 7th was a national holiday in Morocco (muslim new year). A chance for me to go out for a big walk with the girls and visit the Tinmel mosque! Most of the new girls never visited this famous monument.

Nicola (last year volunteer) came to spend some days with the girls before going back to Australia.

So we walked and walked and…walked! It was a really slow walk with a lot of break to take pictures and drink water from the river. It was so nice even if it was cloudy. We took the hiking trail which allowed us to go through the village where “hdiden” is shooting!

What?? You don’t know Hdiden??? It’s a famous Moroccan tv show and the girls love it!

They took pictures in the villages and they were so exited!

Then we continued and something bad happened…something really really really bad…my camera fell and broke!!

Anyway, 2 hours later we finally arrived to the mosque, and every time I find it beautiful.

Before going back to Talat N’Yacoub we ate sweets and cakes and with Nicola we were the police officers “don’t throw your sweets paper!!”

And when we came back, most of the girls cheated and took a mini bus! And the other, more brave, walked to the house and arrived really tired but proud of them!

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